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Information for applicants for International Graduate Programs in Department of Mechanical Engineering

Update 2018.10.18

  • For any applicant for admission to an International Graduate Program (IGP, see the link below), including IGP-A, B and C, as well as any student who is requesting a formal letter of acceptance (not the consent from the prospective supervisor) during the application process, the department will arrange an interview as a necessary part of the admission evaluation. The interview will be conducted either onsite in Tokyo Tech (in case of domestic application) or via internet (in case of overseas application) using some communication software, like Skype for example. So, it is very important for any overseas applicant to prepare a reliable internet environment for the interview.

  • For application for master's program, in addition to the normal interview questions, an assessment with specific questions about the basic knowledge related to the academic background as well as the prospective research field of the applicant will be carried out in the interview. We expect applicants to have a solid foundation of undergraduate level knowledge in the relevant academic fields. The interview will be conducted mainly by parol, but if necessary, we may use, and also ask the applicant to use visual aids during the interview to help mutual understanding. Please bring some blank paper or sketchbook and pencils for the interview. The written examinations on mathematics and physics for domestic application will not be required unless specifically announced by the department.

  • For application for doctor's program, the applicant will be asked to use Powerpoint slides to present his/her master-degree research work and the research plan in the doctoral course. The knowledge related to the master-degree research and the prospective doctoral research fields, as well as the comprehensive aptitude of the applicant will be enquired.

  • The admission decision will be made based on the application, academic transcripts, related documents and interview result.

  • * Link to International Graduate Program (IGP) site of Tokyo Tech.


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